Why I’m voting Green today

I believe we are faced with two serious and urgent problems – climate change and inequality.

These have major implications for our security and stability – at local, national and global scales.

The Green Party has a deep-rooted commitment to tackling environmental problems, as well as a concern for social justice. Importantly, it makes the connections between the two.

The party’s manifesto sets out, in chapter one, a coherent green philosophy and an inspiring case for change – read it here, it’s just two pages – 8 and 9

The Green Party’s vision is sometimes described as utopian – well that’s fine by me! But the manifesto is also stuffed full of good, sensible ideas, on everything from energy to transport, from health to education. Oh and it’s all costed – over six pages in the financial appendix.

For me, these lines, from that first chapter of the manifesto, sum up the slow erosion of civic values that has taken place and the need for something better:

“Back in the 1970s a determined assault on public life began, and the market became the model and measure of life. Since then, successive governments of all colours have found ways to justify and deepen the role of the market in our lives.

The market has been in charge for so long that it dominates our imagination and colours our view of ourselves. The market is short sighted and short term. It’s time for change – time to put the market to work for the common good and for people to be put back in charge.

It’s hard to be a citizen when life tells you that you are a consumer

It’s hard to think of others when we are pitted against one another and sold the lie that individuals are to blame for their misfortunes

It’s hard to think of the common good when it’s never mentioned.

The market makes us impatient with the suffering of others, tolerant of inequality, prone to prejudice, suspicious of difference. We know we can be cooperative, appreciative, understanding and fair. We just need a world that encourages us to be these things. Together we can create that world.”

If we want to see change we need to vote for it. We need long-term thinking. We need more green voices, in Parliament and locally. That’s why I’m voting for the Green Party today.

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