Why I shall be voting for Britain to remain in the EU tomorrow

I shall be voting for the UK to remain in the European Union on 23rd June. I’ve made my decision, not on issues such as trade or migration, but on something much more fundamental, more positive and more hopeful.

I believe that working with other countries is essential to further environmental and social justice. Our air and water, our beaches and rivers have been made cleaner and safer through measures developed in Europe. The EU has championed global action on climate change and renewable energy.

Employment rights we take for granted such as paid holidays, maternity leave and fair treatment for part-time workers, come from our EU membership. As EU citizens we are free to study, work, travel and retire anywhere across Europe.

These are all tremendous advantages and the UK should remain part of an alliance it helped to build. I do not believe we will “lose our identity” or “surrender our sovereignty”. I do believe we are strong enough, confident enough and yes, independently-minded enough, to argue for reform where it is needed and to shape the EU for the common good.

By working together with our closest neighbours, we can build a better Europe and secure a fairer, safer, greener future.

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